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Imposter-syndrome be damned, you have earned your spot. Look out world; you're here to play. October is about embracing the unknown, Aquarius. Travel, spirituality, and adventure are all themed for you this month—so book a trip somewhere new, open your mind to the unfamiliar, and go to the places that scare you. As long as it expands your perspective, you're onto something good. It's time to get out of the trenches of your mind and remember that the world is far larger than fear can make it seem. October is going to bring consciousness to what was once unconscious.

Upheaval, honesty, and transformation are all themed for you this month—so dig out your skeletons, dust them off, and give them a seat at the table.

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Know that true healing and acceptance are not done in isolation. Embrace vulnerability with the people who love you most, no matter how much your shame tells you otherwise.

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But how can you decide who is trustworthy? You have to trust first. October is not a time to go at it alone, Aries. Lean on your partner. Lean on your friend.

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Lean on your favorite coworker. While you are uniquely capable of climbing up your career ladder, this month you may discover how relieving it can be to share your life, and your burdens, with someone you trust. It's time to reveal your hand to another—and you just might find that they hold it with care. October is going to put you to work, Taurus.

Efficiency, structure, and accountability are all going to be themed for you this month—so set up a new routine, optimize your calendar, and make the to-do list of a lifetime. It's time to put the big picture in the background, simply as inspiration, so you can focus on the details at hand.

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Daily Astrology Zone Online. You bust taboos and are ruthless with those that hold narrow views. You have a live and let live attitude. And yet, you can be stubborn in your opinion, and judge those that seem to you feeble minded. You can have a dismissive attitude toward small thinking, in general. You have a detached outlook and often see things that others miss.

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Your chart is Uranian ruled, so you're a person that embodies surprises and sudden insight. You flash on a new idea and enjoy pursuing a line of inquiry or artistic theme. You can be highly original in your self-expression, always remaining true to your vision. One thing about you is that you're the ideal collaborator—you take on the unique expression of a coterie of performers or colleagues.

You keep a group from becoming stuck, by throwing your lightning bolts around. You might at times be destructive, as you go about busting up established set-ups.

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You might also be ejected from jobs unceremoniously, for being unable to walk the straight and narrow. There's the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover. It's what others see first, and often, it's a lasting impression. Updated January 16,

aquarius rising horoscope Aquarius rising horoscope
aquarius rising horoscope Aquarius rising horoscope
aquarius rising horoscope Aquarius rising horoscope
aquarius rising horoscope Aquarius rising horoscope
aquarius rising horoscope Aquarius rising horoscope
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