Aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot

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Eating, spending, working, stressing, emotionally giving yourself away? Control is handed to others but you always have the power to take back what is yours. Reclaim power for yourself this week and stand a little taller. And indulge in a little not a lot of sinful delight. Sensual Scorpio, the Temperance card is drawn for you this week.

The angel of Temperance serves as a reminder of refinement. Blade smiths forge razor sharp blades by tempering them. You are wise to do the same.

Aries Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 November, 12222

What is your greatest passion? Practice it, challenge it, become better. Make an effort to surround yourself with visionaries who excel in your chosen field or passion. Think of people as doorways to other possibilities. Brush off feelings of intimidation; you don't always have to be the center of attention. Allow their light to inspire your own work. React to them within your own projects. Then temper your extra effort with a fabulous indulgence: a spa visit, a gourmet dinner, or a weekend trip. Those who work hard must also play hard. If a quality in your life is not serving you, send it packing.

Throw yourself into what you love and challenge yourself to become the best at what you do.

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It is time to get real. Scorpio Tarot Tip of the Week: Surround yourself with who and what you want to be. Swift Sag, it is okay to slow down. The Death card reversed is drawn as your card of the week. Fear not. Tarot speaks a symbolic language and is never literal. The Death card does not predict an actual death. It is the metaphorical regeneration of all life and possibility.

Without fall's crisp and chilly demise, spring's birth and exuberance the energy matching your effervescent personality would not be possible. What do you need to let go of? What no longer serves you? What once helpful behavior has outlived its usefulness? Say goodbye to this quality. Transform the remaining energy into something you can direct in a positive way. Spring cleaning is an excellent metaphor to release and rid us of the collected dust of the past.

Nothing reflects as brightly as spring light. Purge yourself of objects, behaviors, and relationships that hold you back from embracing the entirely of who you are. Doing so will take you further than you imagined. Doors, once seemly sealed tight, will hinge wide open. Make new space inside your closets and inside yourself. Fastidious Capricorn, you've done it yet again. You are treading on new ground. The Nine of Wands is your card of the week urging you to "boldly going where no man or woman has gone before. Do you stop to enjoy the expansive views you continually create or do you race off to the next challenge?

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This week, it's supremely important to stop. Take a breath. Explore the place and people surrounding you. A darkness is closing in around you, begging you to shed your valuable light. The dim interior may contain the surprise of your life. Joy is in the journey, not the destination. Allow your defensive walls to lower and your senses to unfold.

Yes, further still. Passion has carried you this far, however, don't let the fervor of riled emotions cloud you from seeing what is in plain sight. What you seek is within your reach. Philosophical Aquarius, you are the master of deep thinking. But what happens when you throw away everything you think you know? The Four of Swords reversed is your card of the week.

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Swords represent the mind. This card is begging you to toss aside any and all mental structure, calculation, and intellectual certainty. Amidst chaos, new possibilities will arise. What if you didn't have to be right? What if others didn't have to bend to your will in order to please you? What if you didn't criticize yourself? What if you didn't decide upon an outcome ahead of time? What if you allowed a situation to unfold? Visual artists understand the innate value of playing, exploring, sketching, and dreaming before settling on the final piece of work.

This week, the Four of Swords challenges you to do the same thing. No matter what confrontation you face, allow a solution to be presented rather than rushing in to fix it. Stay out of quarrels that don't concern you. Be gentle to yourself.

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If you find yourself falling into a judgment spiral, find a healthier outlet for your energy—and take a long gaze in the mirror. Intuitive Pisces, the Five of Wands is your card of the week. Challenges of the most delightful sort are appearing all around you like cherry blossoms. No one is better fit to rise to the occasion than you are.

Read between the lines and scour the fine print! This Monday, November 11, the Sun in Scorpio gets in lockstep with Mercury retrograde, firing up your investigative eighth house. Get back in touch with your key partners and supporters. Your principled sign needs more than just a paycheck to feel satisfied. You need a job that lands at the intersection of passion and profitability, and you might just find it within two weeks of this lunar lift.

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ARIES Psychic Tarot Reading - Weekly Horoscope - June 3-9

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aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot Aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot
aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot Aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot
aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot Aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot
aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot Aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot
aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot Aries love horoscope weekly 3 to 9 by tarot

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