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Cancer Love and Sex

These children are rarely discipline problems, though they can become excessively moody and depressed during adolescence. Cancerian individuals are extremely romantic and passionate people.

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They enjoy all the traditional rituals of wooing and winning a sweetheart and usually opt for marriage or a long-term relationship. They make loyal mates and will champion their spouse's career and expect the same in return.

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These individuals are keenly attuned to the needs and wants of their partner; they are exceptionally sensitive lovers. With their gentle and caring spirit, Cancerians are the ones to whom others turn with problems, worries, and life-choice concerns.

Zodiac Signs - Cancer

Despite their ability to support and nurture their pals, they do not make friends easily. This may be because they take friendship seriously and don't bother to indulge superficial associations. They are often shy people who wait for friendships to develop instead of actively pursuing them. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books.

She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope.

The Zodiac Signs in the Horoscope

Birthstone: Pearl. What's Your Sign? Understanding the Chinese Zodiac.

Cancer Horoscope: Cancer Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Characteristics

Birthday Astrology. Leo Personality: July 23 - August They are focused and disciplined, eager to get the job done. Creating a true sense of foundation and security in the world, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the most pragmatic signs of the zodiac.

go to site Ruled by the clear and direct Air element , these three zodiac signs embrace truth, conversation, and ideas. They are communicators, mediators, and fighters of truth and justice. With sharp minds and a real sense of social awareness, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the intellects of the zodiac.

10 Things to Know About a Cancer! - ZODIAC TALK

These three zodiac signs are associated with the Water element , giving them soft hearts, open minds, and old souls. They are lovers and nurturers, and live their lives with a deep understanding of what's happening around them -- the seen and the unseen. Sensitive, soulful, and connected, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the intuitives of the zodiac. Your "zodiac sign" is so important, but it's just one of the signs that make up YOU! The Sun is just one part of your Astrology -- every key planet in our solar system has an impact on you, and is associated with a specific zodiac sign.

So while you have one sign of the zodiac representing the Sun's location at your birth, you have another sign that represents your emotions the location of the Moon at your birth , your love life the location of Venus , and more! So why is your Sun sign the most important of all? It represents who you are at your core: how you act, how you express yourself, who you are to yourself.

It is "you" in your most basic sense, exhibiting your soul's current nature on its path through many lifetimes. So while you may feel one way at work, a different way at home, and an even different way in your relationships, your Sun sign's traits run through all of it.

astrology zodiac sign cancer Astrology zodiac sign cancer
astrology zodiac sign cancer Astrology zodiac sign cancer
astrology zodiac sign cancer Astrology zodiac sign cancer
astrology zodiac sign cancer Astrology zodiac sign cancer
astrology zodiac sign cancer Astrology zodiac sign cancer
astrology zodiac sign cancer Astrology zodiac sign cancer

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