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10 Ways to Really Love a Gemini

In some cases, if a relationship has already been on the rocks, this Full Moon might be the final straw and result in a break up. Much depends on your personal chart and what else is happening.

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Full Moons either bring things to completion or lead to a new level of awareness about a situation. When it comes to your love life, it will certainly be one or the other.

After June 5, your mind will be on romantic matters much more than usual. When negative, the fixed traits become opinionated, inflexible, inert, lazy, and resistant to change.

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They tend to be communicative and reach out into life in order to augment experiences. In effect, people of the mutable signs tend to be active and busy. In terms of the wheel, they represent the spokes, reaching out with many arms in a wide radius of expression. Mutable sign people prefer variation to repetition, versatility over predictability, difference over sameness. There is often a longing for movement, a need to travel, and the urge to be constantly occupied.

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As a result, mutable sign people also tend to be restless and nervous. When positive, they can adapt themselves to any situation, make the most out of the least, and easily learn new methods and techniques that help them in life. When negative, they tend to be wasteful, indiscriminate, exaggerating things out of proportion while they magnify personal details and are blind to the collective whole.

I hope these definitions prove useful to you. With love and blessings to one and all, AO. Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer give an excellent talk about the astrology of each month, which also takes beginners into account. If you watch regularly, you'll learn an awful lot about astrology and have fun too - they're very entertaining speakers :. Today's full moon is a supermoon Ruled by the moon, the Cancer person lives in the watery world of emotions, instinct and intuition.

However, having the exterior of the crab, Cancerians can be … extremely self -protective of their own feelings and may retreat at the first sign of rejection. Extremely family- orientated, this zodiac sign feels the most secure when they are surrounded by family and loved ones Roy Gillett's book The Secret Language of Astrology , helps explain astrology to those who have only heard of horoscopes.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and it is an 'AIR' sign - it is of the element air, which means it is connected to the mind, to communication, speaking, writing, to learning, curiosity, to moving around, connecting and networking. Air signs connect with people on a mental level - they are thinkers. Gemini is also a 'MUTABLE' sign, whi … ch means that it's mode of action is in transition, it is flexible and adaptable and restless, it needs change and variety and is easily distracted!

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Dinaik Pashan Sunny. Michele Porter. You are restless and very clever with the use of your hands, a fact unknown by many of the hunky JDaters who have not given you a fair shake and to whom you are too modest to advertise this virtue. Gemini is versatile, fickle, intelligent, creative, quick, neat, and curious.

Gemini learns quickly and has the ability to get a good education. Even if they sometimes learn the hard way.

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Possible negative aspects of the sign Gemini: You can be selfish, nervous, inconsistent, deceptive, changeable, and confused. You have a weak will-power, and you tend to scatter your forces. You tend to oversleep on Thursdays. Posted by: September 22, at PM. With occasional kvetching Reasonable rates available - contact me at esther. EstherK on Twitter.

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beliefnet horoscope gemini Beliefnet horoscope gemini
beliefnet horoscope gemini Beliefnet horoscope gemini
beliefnet horoscope gemini Beliefnet horoscope gemini
beliefnet horoscope gemini Beliefnet horoscope gemini
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