Moon sign compatibility virgo and virgo

Virgo and Aries Worst Matches

If the Virgin pair wants the relationship to last long, they have to remember the things that bonded them in the first place, and since they know each others' strengths and weaknesses, they must not do or say anything to hurt the other. If you see these signs in anyone, you can safely conclude that they are Virgo zodiac sign natives.

They are also very opinionated and they dislike laziness. They are very productive and are obsessed with analyzing things threadbare. However, the downside is that being excessively fussy about things and over-critical, can have a dampening effect on the concerned people, and prove to be very discouraging, which in turn can negatively affect productivity.

The Virgo and Virgo love match is very good as both have the same qualities and set of convictions on which they can build the trust that is imperative for any relationship to survive in the long run. They should keep it in mind that they need to compliment each other and not be overzealous to dominate the other partner.

It is possible that when one partner questions the trust of the other, the same doubt will bounce back on them and the Virgo Virgo love compatibility could go for a toss. It is hard to believe that two Virgos find it difficult sometimes to understand each others' sexual needs. The emotional connect seems to be missing, and a Virgo Virgo sexual compatibility study may not always come up with positive results. However, since they are both good communicators, they can easily tell each other about their needs and desires, but they feel that orally expressing something that needs to be implicitly understood somehow spoils the fun.

Another thing that can contribute to some amount of sexual incompatibility is their tendency to criticise. However, since Virgo man and Virgo woman are flexible, even if they are not sexually incompatible to begin with, they can slowly adjust to to each other and build it up gradually. The positive points in a Virgo Virgo relationship compatibility is that they can be strangely rational.

Virgo Moon Compatibility

It has been observed that they are a couple who generally meet at just the right time, when they are ready to tie the knot and start a family. Alternatively, they meet when both have just broken off old ties and are looking to start life on a new page and with a new person. They can fall in love at first sight, but they need to work things out together to keep the conjugal bliss alive. However, it has also been observed that though in Virgo and Virgo relationship their values match perfectly, nothing else matches well, or at least in the same proportion.

Their opinions and views about people, things and events can widely vary, and is something that can put a spanner in the works. They may have a difficult time adapting to each other's emotions or professional obligations. This is especially true if their professions are totally different. The best aspect of a two Virgo compatibility is that they stick to each other through thick and thin. For example if there is some calamity in one's life, or even if they become sexually incompatible by the fall in one of their libido, they will stick to each other.

Compatibility Virgo

They will comfort each other and be a pillar of support for each other. He gets attracted to a woman who is groomed and dressed properly….. This man falls for someone who is independent, organized, trustworthy and romantic. He would never rush into love and would carefully weigh the pros and cons before pursuing a woman. When this man falls for someone, he gives his all because he aims for perfection even in love.

It is important that he gets involved with the right person because he expects that the level of his emotional investment will be matched by his partner. As an Earth sign, Virgos pair well with other Earth signs. He can get along with Air signs and analytical sign Scorpio. When two people under the same sign get involved, it is expected that they will instinctively understand each other and agree on so many things.

In the case of two Virgos, middle ground is non-existent. This couple can either get along perfectly or constantly bicker to no end. Since they both want things to be perfect, if their methods differ, expect a whole lot of arguments.

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On the other hand, these two can be intertwined perfectly when their methods and attitudes are in sync. When it comes to matters of the heart, those born under this sign are reluctant to fall in love but there will be no trust issues here because they will be able to read each other well. Love will freely flow because trust will be established early on in their relationship.

Moon in Virgo Characteristics & Compatibility

Their relationship has the potential to go the distance with marriage as the final destination. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. By agreeing you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Horoscope Signs.

see Aries compatibility. Gemini compatibility. This may lead to an annoying relationship. Virgo and Scorpio Virgo are born critics, but they also seek constant refinement, of others and self. Similarly, Scorpio also seeks out constant self-improvement. However, the intensity and passion of Scorpio will be a little difficult to handle for Virgo. Virgo and Sagittarius This could be a possible match, provided Virgo learns to take risks from Sagittarius and become receptive to changes, as freedom and change are intrinsic to the existence of Sagittarius.

Virgo and Capricorn Relationships between Virgo and Capricorn would not be as intense as of Scorpio, as cheerful as of Gemini, or as adventurous as of Sag. Nevertheless, it will be based on lifelong loyalty, love and permanence. Virgo and Aquarius The relationship between Virgo and Aquarius is unlikely but not impossible.

Excitement and experiment drive the actions of those born in Aquarius.


Thus, Virgo may have to be a little more flexible and receptive to change. Virgo and Pisces A union of Virgo and Pisces will be useful for both. The overly critical Virgo will learn a great deal from the accommodating personality of Pisces, which sees beauty in everything. Pisces can also learn to be emotionally stable and orderly from Virgo.

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moon sign compatibility virgo and virgo Moon sign compatibility virgo and virgo
moon sign compatibility virgo and virgo Moon sign compatibility virgo and virgo
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