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However, their compassionate, sensitive nature will usually help them understand needs of their partner, and this can help them stick to even the most liberated of partners imaginable. As parents - people born with in this sign can be too conservative and inflexible, with a strangely accented tendency for emotional blackmail and control. They have to give enough freedom to their children or they could easily end up in an infinite loop of getting hurt and searching for those responsible. This is a sign of physical love and they will show affection through touch and kisses, which can get uncomfortable for a teenager at some point.

As children - Taurus will often be seen as lazy and slow. The satisfaction they need has to be allowed, and it is wrong to deprive a Taurus of sweets and other earthly pleasures too often. Frustration of this kind will only lead to their need to set free and to make unhealthy choices later in life. The key to their upbringing is a healthy routine and achieving authority through understanding and compassion.

If they feel unloved, they will be obedient and do anything to please their parents and fulfill their expectations. Unfortunately, this will not help their personality to get strong or support positive circumstances later in life. Each Taurus needs time to build an intimate bond with another human being. They enjoy things done slowly and often rely on traditional values and morals that were expected in their upbringing. Once they open up, they will give love freely and without hidden motives.

Their sexuality needs to be understood and nurtured, followed by enough tenderness, foreplay and devotion. If they find the right person, their sex life can become adventurous and satisfying even when they get old and possibly start feeling bad about their body. Taurus is a reliable worker and a dependable person.

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They prefer stability and usually stay loyal to their employees longer than some other signs would. Never risking it too much, this is a strong employee that can endure through hard times and stick by the person in a leading role for as long as it takes. Rational and practical, reliable with finances and profit, a Taurus is motivated by concrete rewards and bonuses. Striving high in economy, banking, construction and agriculture, they are also sensitive souls that can turn their talents into art.

Practical in all mattes and situations, helping everyone around them resolve earthly challenges. Dependable and always at disposal for their partner, family, friends and anyone they respect. Patient in the strangest of times, often even when other people would give up on the individual or a situation that should be waited for. Lazy as an individual prone to the chase for physical satisfaction and hedonistic pleasures.

Possessive of things they love, as a consequence of their fear of loss and change. Yet, these zodiac signs are more soft-hearted than their rugged exterior may show. The Taurus sign is one that wants to enjoy all that life has to offer. The Taurus spirit reflects the virtues of endurance, loyalty, and perseverance. The Bull celebrates with a spirit that can easily enjoy life and connect with the natural world.

Taureans are known for their ability to enjoy their true self, the people around them, and to make the best out of any situation they find themselves in. A common theme seen throughout all daily Taurus horoscopes will highlight how Taureans are often sought out as sources of stability and calmness. Continue reading your Taurus horoscope and discover the Taurean value for relationship, community, and fun.

Whether the Taurus faces challenges in the workplace, friendships, or love — balance and self-growth will drive the Taurus onward. Sure-footed and immovable, the symbol of the Bull reflects the key characteristics and traits of the Taurus zodiac sign.

Taurus Love and Sex

Those who fall under this astrological sign are seen as cornerstones of their friend groups and families, providing an unending source of energy that calms and establishes a feeling of security. The Bull is often outdoors and loves a great party, the natural world is home to this majestic symbol. The Bull is solid, confident, and one who enjoys creature comforts.

Unlike a Leo, Aries, or Scorpio, the Bull is not cocky or arrogant. Instead, the Bull is more interested in laying back and enjoying whatever may pass. However, the Bull is strong-willed and holds strong convictions. Much like the Libra and Virgo, if something breaks the scale of fairness or rubs the Bull the wrong way, one can expect a mighty charge. The zodiac element of Earth reflects personalities that are grounded and rooted in the present. Those who carry the Earth element are well known for displaying personality traits of steadfastness, integrity, and hard work.

This element connects the individual with the greater natural world with an almost spiritual connection to nature and the great outdoors. The Earth element is made of zodiac signs that enjoy taking their time and needing time to process situations to make sense of their day-to-day lives. They are reliable and responsible, with strong personalities that can weather through the storms of life. The zodiac signs who share the Earth element always make for great sources of support and compassion and include:.

The Taurus sign is ruled by Venus and represents all things love, lust, money and passion. To be ruled by Venus means to have a simple, easy-going appreciation for the little things in life. A joyous energy allows a Taurus to value the more sentimental things in life. Art, wine, late night dinner with close friends are all part of the Venus complex. Those who fall under the ruling Venus place a high value on friendship and romantic relationships, seeking to this mother planet to find guidance on navigating moods and emotions.

The Taurean Bull is a Fixed zodiac sign with a negative polarity. This is a cautious quality that is best exemplified through stability, trust, and attachment to objects or people that the Taurus finds a connection with. Taurus signs get attached very easily, because of their fixed quality. Although the Taurean Bull is extravagant and well aware of what their desires consist of, the negative polarity of this zodiac comes from the deep well of emotions and feelings all Bulls hold within their hearts.

Just like the Bull that resembles this zodiac sign, the Taurus is strong in both emotions and physicality. The Earth element that rules the Taurus connects this zodiac with a spiritual connection to nature, sports, and the great outdoors.

Taurus: Zodiac Sign Traits, Compatibility, Dates & Personality

Stable and dependable, there are few things that can shake the Taurus. More than other zodiac signs, the Taurus sign is sure-footed and able to manage expectations and emotions in healthy ways. The Bull is more naturally reserved but has a world of personality once you engage them. Kind, friendly, and easygoing are characteristics that distinguish the Taurus personality. Where the Virgo and Libra may worry, the Taurus likes to take a slow approach to life and takes things one day at a time.

The sense of humor and appreciation for friends and fun make the Taurus an exceptional partner and parent to have in life.

The Personality of a Taurus, Explained

Expanding on the strengths of the Taurus sign is a key to a happy life. Their top traits are that of an easy-going personality that is patient, funny, and kind. Kindness and calmness are two cornerstones of every Taurus personality type. Those that make up the Taurus zodiac will always be known as strong individuals who were able to provide practical support, but more importantly, a calming sense of peace with their presence.

When the Bull does not want to move, it will take the heavens and earth to get them to budge.

Taurus (astrology)

Incredibly stubborn and often lazy, the Taurus is not unfamiliar with taking life too slow at times when a sense of urgency would be more appropriate. The Taurus is so easy going, that conflict may seem like a rarity in the life of this zodiac sign. However, there are some essential weaknesses that stir the Taurus with stress anxiety.

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    Tauruss horoscope dates
    Tauruss horoscope dates
    Tauruss horoscope dates
    Tauruss horoscope dates
    Tauruss horoscope dates
    Tauruss horoscope dates
    Tauruss horoscope dates

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