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Taurus Facts

Taurus: Discover Taurus Personality' Best And Worst Traits

Warm, snuggly blankets abound on all the beds, and the chairs and sofas may be softened further with fluffy sheepskins. This is a space for mother and child to lounge, cuddle, read stories, sing songs, eat delicious and nourishing porridge, and gaze wonderingly at interesting rocks and lichens. Touch is important to a Taurus, and she makes a very hands-on parent , always ready with a loving hug or hand to hold. Routine is an important characteristic in a Taurus household, and discipline is followed because it always just makes such perfect sense!

Taurus Characteristics and Personality

Firm, grounded Taurus creates a safe and secure haven for all beings to thrive. These hands-on, hardcore hippies lived true to their ideals, and were eager to learn the old ways and put them to use, whether that meant baking wholegrain bread, midwifing babies, wildcrafting herbs, or building their own homes out of recycled materials. Taurean women are often artists, poets, or musicians, and are deeply inspired by the earth and all her creatures. Most Taurean women are also deeply drawn to stones and crystals, and many of them create jewelry.

These are 7 Taurus personality traits the bull in your life will identify with.

Once she sets her mind to do something, she just makes it happen — no matter what. Exceedingly reliable and satisfied by working hard at something she enjoys doing, you can trust that your Taurean will get the job done on time, with grace and aplomb.

Taurus: Characteristics of the Strong Bull

A Taurus woman manages her money well, and knows how to save — and how to spend! Part of why she works so hard is so that she can enjoy the finer things in life. They have a way of showing you that form and function can always be brought together in the most harmonious ways. Health tends to be important to them, and they are usually extremely physical, whether dancing, doing yoga, or practicing martial arts.

Extremely comfortable in the natural world, you may find your Taurus woman in the garden, cultivating rare blooms or medicines, loving on her animal friends, or camping in the wilderness.

If she likes to cook, it will often be something healthy and homegrown, simple comfort foods. Their name says it all: T for trailblazing A for ambitious U for unwavering R for reliable U for understanding S for stable.

Persistent and hardworking, once a Taurus sets a goal, it will get done—despite any obstacles that may come up. While becoming friends with a Taurus can be tough since they're so particular about who they want in their social circle, once you're in, you're in for life. Taurus doesn't get pulled down by gossip or petty drama. They'll always see the best in their loved ones and buoy them up when they're feeling down.

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Yes, they're hardworking, but they're also lazy. How is that even possible?

Taurus Zodiac Sign - Characteristics & Personality Traits

Because Bulls are so driven by their own internal compass, they sometimes have trouble pivoting to fulfill someone else's demands, which can lead to tough times at work or school. Learning to consider others' viewpoints is a lifelong lesson for all Taureans. Think of its symbol, the bull or even a bulldozer , and you've got an idea of how Taurus gets things done. They push, roll over, and dominate whatever challenges they're facing until those challenges are history.

Celebrate the Taurus Woman in Your Life by Knowing What She Values

They're also a model for perseverance—when a Bull decides to do something, they get it done. OMG, I forgot to pack a bra to change into after my sweaty workout—what do I do? Can fruits and veggies ever really be bad for you?

Why one healthy eating expert says we need to chill. If an eyelash curler and mascara had a baby, this would be it.

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tauruss personality horoscope Tauruss personality horoscope
tauruss personality horoscope Tauruss personality horoscope
tauruss personality horoscope Tauruss personality horoscope
tauruss personality horoscope Tauruss personality horoscope
tauruss personality horoscope Tauruss personality horoscope
tauruss personality horoscope Tauruss personality horoscope

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