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On March 6, both Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the planet of love and beauty, glide into the Aries constellation. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is impulsive, fiery, and confident.

With both expression and romance adopting its tone, you may be inspired to get a bit bossier in the bedroom. Consensual power play can be extremely fun and sexy, so don't hesitate to turn up the heat.

Yoganonymous weekly horoscope

On March 8, Jupiter goes retrograde in Scorpio. Though the word "retrograde" induces panic, save your worries for later in the month when Mercury begins its backward glide. Jupiter is an abundant planet — in astrospeak, it's known as the "Great Benefic" — actually enjoys its reverse glide, and we benefit from it, too. Jupiter cruises into retrograde motion annually, spending approximately days journeying backwards. When it retraces its steps, it ensures that we receive generous offerings, so this is one reversal we should all relish.

Another huge cosmic occurrence comes in the middle of the month, when a new moon in Pisces coincides with Mars's movement into Capricorn on March New moons always usher in beginnings, while Mars's motion reflects determination. In this unlikely pairing, Pisces's emotional intelligence is complemented by Capricorn's logical ambition.

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The combined energy of these transits encourages us to follow our intuition when considering new professional opportunities. We make the best career decisions when we trust our gut. The sun glides into Aries on March 20, marking the beginning of Aries season and another trip around the zodiac. The vernal equinox is the astrological new year, so pop the bubbly and celebrate this fresh start.

Don’t go! We have so much more to offer!

After exploring the emotional depths of Pisces season, Aries encourages us to approach life with bold spontaneity. With the beginning of the new zodiac cycle, we shed the past by embracing the present. Keep in mind, however, that the first Mercury retrograde of begins on March Unlike Jupiter's generous backward spin, Mercury's reversed course is clumsy and awkward.

The function of fast-moving Mercury is to deliver messages through words and transportation, and when it reverses we can expect miscommunication and delays. Mercury retrograde is a time for reflection, so favor meditation over action until this one ends come April The month concludes with another synchronized transit: On March 31, Venus shifts into the Taurus constellation as the night sky is electrified by a full moon in Libra.

Exact early this morning am pdt but we've been feeling this one coming. We learn about the necessity of boundaries and the importance of hard work and commitment. This opposition may bring up doubt, criticism, and place obstacles in the way, so you may feel discouraged or disappointed.

But there's an opportunity to see things in a new way and to get motivated to create something meaningful, even if that means learning from your mistakes and the set backs. This is a potent time.

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The moon makes some important connections and will bring about the usual lunacy. And Jupiter has been retrograde since February Link in bio. The moon is Sagittarius brings out our most optimistic, adventurous self. Symbolized as the Archer, Sagittarius encourages us to use our sharp minds and extraordinary insights to reach our goals with precision and success.

This lunar cycle began during Sag season six months ago, and the seeds you planted at the new moon then are blooming now. There is a sense of completion and fullness to acknowledge and celebrate. Ooo, but Venus moves to artistic and sensual Taurus a sign she rules next week!


Read your horoscopes. Sounds like anything can happen if you're paying attention and open to it. For some reason Mercury retrogrades have fascinated everyone, especially people who know nothing about astrology Uranus is connected to Mercury stationing and could bring swift revelations and insight. But don't run out and buy technology today, or do any of that stuff Station days are a transition,a seam, a midline It's that time again, folks, when every single person on social media is suddenly an astrologer. Bio: An astrologer and educator, KK has devoted over two decades of study to esoteric and embodied spiritual practices and the mysteries of consciousness, bringing to her work a Master's degree in Feminist Theology and background in herbalism.

On social media for 10 years and in workshops, classes, and privately for 20 years , KK also provided tarot readings, astrological insights, writings, and teachings about astrology, celestial events, and seasonal holy days, introducing a new audience to astrology and seasonal cycles and how they can be of practical use to householders in daily life. She has been an astrology and occult nerd for two and a half decades, a science and spirituality enthusiast, a crazy wisdom mystic and philosopher.

As of , KK has retired from teaching public yoga classes after twenty years of teaching Anusara yoga. She is grateful for her students and her fulfilling, successful career. She has been a lifelong student and practitioner and a dedicated full time yoga teacher for over 20 years , which has given her the skillful ability to inspire passion and transformation in the bodies and hearts of students.

yoganonymous weekly horoscope Yoganonymous weekly horoscope
yoganonymous weekly horoscope Yoganonymous weekly horoscope
yoganonymous weekly horoscope Yoganonymous weekly horoscope
yoganonymous weekly horoscope Yoganonymous weekly horoscope
yoganonymous weekly horoscope Yoganonymous weekly horoscope

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